Journey from Winter

Works by Liz Mathews

5th April to 29th June 2008 in the Poetry Library at London's Southbank Centre


Spacewater (reclaimed wood panel), text by Valentine Ackland
Dedication (artist's book - detail), text by Lilian Bowes Lyon
Hieroglyphs (paperwork), text by Valentine Ackland
Salt (artist's book - detail), text by Elizabeth Jennings
Lark (stoneware wall-panel), text by Valentine Ackland
Invocation in 72 fragments (reclaimed wooden doors with clay panels - detail), text by Sappho
Estuary (stoneware wall-panel - detail), text by Ruth Pitter
Waterfall (stoneware wall-panels with copper pipes), text by Valentine Ackland
Yes banner (banner with stoneware strips and silk thread - detail), text by Muriel Rukeyser
Message (Thames driftwood banner), text by Kathleen Raine
Wild nights (stoneware bowl), text by Emily Dickinson
Pleiades (stoneware bowl), text by Valentine Ackland
Idyll (3 stoneware bowls), text by Valentine Ackland
24 postcards from a winter illness (stoneware 'postcards' in plastic holder), text by Valentine Ackland
Sheaf (stoneware jar and driftwood block), text by EJ Scovell
Testimony (double-sided paperwork - from outside) text by Kathleen Raine
Testimony (from inside)
Banners banner (48 paperclay flags with silk thread - detail), text by Valentine Ackland
Banners banner (detail of banner wrapping SBC pillar)
Hope of poetry (stoneware bowl) text by Valentine Ackland; Pattern (reclaimed wood-block), text by Valentine Ackland; and Common ground (reclaimed wood-block), text by Frances Bingham
Into day (reclaimed wooden door with clay panels - detail), text by Muriel Rukeyser
Sea of space 1 (wax and raw clay slip on glass lift wall), text by EJ Scovell
Sea of space 1 (detail)
Poem white page white page poem (artist's book in paperclay), text by Muriel Rukeyser
Slate (slate slab, wax, sand), text by Valentine Ackland
Works among books from the Poetry Library collection
Voice (artist's book, canvas pages), text by Elizabeth Jennings
Stele (torn stoneware panel memorial), text by Valentine Ackland
Stele - detail
Chorus (reclaimed wood with stoneware panels), text by Frances Bingham
Harvest (Thames driftwood and torn stoneware strips), text by Edith Sitwell

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