light wells

at the London Centre for Psychotherapy 2012


light wells poster
Spring (artist's book), text by Frances Bingham
Spring (detail)
Blake's graffiti (driftwood banner), text by Kathleen Raine
Prism (paperwork - detail), text by Winifred Nicholson
After the eclipse (paperwork), text by Virginia Woolf
Silver How (paperwork - detail), text by Dorothy Wordsworth
Crossing the river (artist's book), text by Hitomaro
All night (banner in clay and copper), text by Kathleen Raine
Shaft (paperwork - detail), text by Julia Strachey
Heavenlight (artist's book), text by William Wordsworth
Wha I am (paperwork - detail), text by Helen Cruickshank
To capture the light (paperwork), text by Margaret Tait
The Prospect of Happiness (paperwork), text by Frances Bingham
Circle of light (artist's book - detail), text by Jeni Couzyn
Lorca's dream (artist's book - detail), text by Lorca
River dreams (artist's book - detail), text by Gaston Bachelard
Hieroglyphs (paperwork), text by Valentine Ackland
Our inland sea (artist's book - detail), text by Virginia Woolf
Our inland sea, with pots
Love flows (text by Frances Bingham) and Pleiades (text by Valentine Ackland)
Sky light (text by Jeremy Hooker) and River within (text by TS Eliot)
Hope (text by Valentine Ackland)
Hope (detail)
Pattern (clay and driftwood banner) text by Virginia Woolf
Meteor (text by Giovanni Pascoli) and Jubilate (text from Psalm 97)
Source (driftwood banner - detail) text by Kathleen Raine
Star after star (text by Valentine Ackland)
Earth light (detail), text by Liz Mathews
Light through (paperwork), text by Virginia Woolf

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