Paper Wings in the British Libraryís Treasures Gallery

Paper Wings, an artistís book by Liz Mathews, setting Songs for Sappho, a cycle of 55 poems by Maureen Duffy; on permanent exhibition in the British Libraryís Treasures Gallery, in a section called The Art of the Book with artistís books by 17 women book artists.


The entrance to the Treasures Gallery at the British Library, open daily, admission free
The Art of the Book exhibition, beside the Magna Carta display room
Treasures Gallery caption for Contemporary Artists’ Books, ‘where art and the book intersect’
Visitors to the gallery
Paper Wings zigzags along the top of the cabinet
Songs 34, 38, 41 and 42
Songs 42, 43 and 45 of Maureen Duffy’s 55 Songs for Sappho, set to paper in Paper Wings
Treasures Gallery caption for Paper Wings
Paper Wings limited edition, with slip-case
Song 34
Song 38
Song 41
Song 42
Song 43
Song 45
Paper Wings – a bird’s-eye view

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