River songs in winter

at Woolfson & Tay 2011-12


River songs in winter
Paperworks, artist's books and pots
Prospect of Happiness (Paperwork), text by Frances Bingham
Wine jug and cups
Wine jug, plate and bowl
Rough city song (paperwork), text by Virginia Woolf
Riversoup (artist's film) by Liz Mathews with text by Frances Bingham & images by Liz Mathews
Banners, artist's books and paperworks
Clay and driftwood banners
Snow joy banner (clay with copper pipe and wire), text by Liz Mathews
Artist's books, paperworks & banner
Winter river (artist's book - detail), text by Liz Mathews
Frostfall (artist's book - detail), text by Liz Mathews
Thames song banner (clay and Thames driftwood), text by Liz Mathews

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