at the Ice House 2011


The open door
First section including Source; At the turn of the river; Water, wind and stone; The poem of earth; and Living water
Water, wind and stone (text by Kathleen Raine) and The poem of earth (text by Walt Whitman)
Living water (waterfall banner in clay), text by Vita Sackville-West
Into the round room, including Kingfisher banner (clay banner with text by Virginia Woolf) and Love flows (artist's book with text by Frances Bingham)
Second section, including Moss; Spring; Van Gogh's clouds; Vessel; Naviga Felix; and Blue light pots
Moss (artist's book), text by ST Coleridge
Van Gogh's clouds (artist's book), text by Vincent Van Gogh
Vessel (paperwork - detail), text by JMW Turner
Inland (artist's book - detail), text by Wordsworth
River within (deep stoneware bowl), text by TS Eliot and Roughened water (paperwork), text by Virginia Woolf
Tree-river-river-tree (paperwork), text by Liz Mathews
Daughter (paperwork), text by PB Shelley
Swallows on the Thames (artist's book), text by Matthew Arnold
Water vessels group including Amo ergo sum (artist's book) text by Kathleen Raine, and bowls: Night river (text by Kathleen Raine), River & sky (text by Jeremy Hooker), and Earth & water (text by PB Shelley)
The sea circles slowly (artist's book), text by Anne Ridler
All things (Thames driftwood wall panel), text by Vita Sackville-West
Love flows (deep bowl with text by Frances Bingham) and Kingfisher (artist's book) with text by Phoebe Hesketh
Stream wash away (driftwood banner,) text by Kathleen Raine
Third section including The sea circles slowly; All things; Storm; Stream wash away; The river's dream-self; There goes the river; and Edge
The river's dream-self (paperwork), text by Alice Oswald
Central cabinet section, including Persian garden with goldfish (paperwork), text by Vita Sackville-West, and The voice of the river (bowl) text by Frances Bingham
Inside the central cabinet: concertina books including Watermusic (text by Elizabeth Jennings); Looking through (text by Alice Oswald); Stream (text by William Blake)
Fourth section, including 3 Phosphorescence bowls; Meteor; 6 spheres; Waters all fused silver; Ice river; Idyll; and To the sea
6 spheres (thrown stoneware with 9ct gold lustre)
Last section, including Coda; Pattern of Water; The river's mercy; When I heard you like that; and A little further
Coda (artist's book), text by Matthew Arnold
Pattern of water (clay waterfall with copper pipes), text by Valentine Ackland
The river's mercy (artist's book), text by Frances Bingham

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